Saturday, February 14, 2015

Catching up

Hey, can you turn that light on? I'm back.

Let's see what's changed during my hiatus:

They went with Colbert. I'm trying to come up with other times we've seen a performer shed a 24/7 character, like the uber-yet-faux conservative "Stephen Colbert," in favor of their own true -- or at least true-ish -- self, like Stephen Colbert without the quote marks.


  • The Rock was a WWE performer before becoming movie star Dwayne Johnson. 
  • Bobcat Goldthwait had an act that he just seemed to carry around all the time, until eventually becoming a guy who didn't stammer-shriek constantly.
  • Russell Brand looks like he's going to hold onto his for a bit longer yet.

I'm sure there are more. Sure of it.


They stuck the landing. Don't misunderstand how crucial this is to a show like True Detective. Just ask Lost. Or Seinfeld. Or The Sopranos. After investing all of that effort into creating something, I'd imagine the LAST thing you'd want to do is have your fans walk away disappointed, or, worst, disgruntled. Didn't happen here.

I'd like to also mention Netflix's The Fall, which started out with such promise and face-planted its ENTIRE second season, down to shamelessly aping Silence of the Lambs at one point. I'll likely have more on this a little down the line.


I was right to be bullish on Jimmy Fallon. Except I think he'll be on way, WAY longer than 10 years.


Patton Oswalt is still deserving of your love. And his new book is great.