Friday, February 21, 2014

It's early yet, but I remain bullish on Fallon

Michelle Obama, Jimmy Fallon.
(I hope to God you knew that already, though.)
If you don't read News from ME, Mark Evanier's blog, you should. Today, Mark writes:
It wouldn't surprise if Fallon has a firm two-year on-air guarantee with one of those wicked penalty clauses…like if they take him off before 104 weeks are up, he gets a million a week for every week he isn't on. Or something like that. (You can bet he has a time slot guarantee and they won't try moving his show to Midnight.)
Not that Mark is saying anything to the contrary, but I think Fallon doesn't need to worry about a two-year deal. He's going to host The Tonight Show for nothing less than 10 years. Late night talk shows will expire before his run does.