Tuesday, March 11, 2014

It's real dark ... Inside Llewyn Davis

Not the laff riot you've been led to expect.

Why haven't I seen reviews that talk about the kinda-prominent supernatural/horror angle of Inside Llewyn Davis? No, I'm not kidding and, no, this isn't really much of a spoiler: you have the sense that something is up from practically the first scene.

Entertainment Weekly seems to dance around the issue with its review, using words like "spooky" and "hauntingly." And there are certainly readings of the Coen brothers film that don't require invoking "horror" as I just did, but ... man, it's right there. At the beginning, in the middle, at the end.

If, as I was, you're putting off the film because folk music isn't your thing, give it a second thought.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Stop the presses! It's a Lili Taylor post!

They look angry because it's difficult
holding that much talent in check.
I was reminded recently of the TV program Deadline starring Lili Taylor. Well, it technically "starred" Oliver Platt, but Taylor was part of an ensemble that included not just Platt and Taylor but also Tom Conti, Bebe Neuwirth and Hope Davis.

Alas, the show simply wasn't as good as its premise and cast would lead you to believe. Bummer. My Taylor fix must be filled nowadays by Almost Human (a decent show I hope realizes its potential during season two) and Hemlock Grove (which I cannot tell you anything about because I literally just fast forward to all the parts with Taylor).

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Can True Detective stick the landing?

Twin Peaks dropped the ball: that series finale, Fire Walk with Me.

Lost fumbled. "No, they're not dead!" "Well, maybe kinda ...."

Though I've never seen an episode, the conclusion to Dexter generated enough Internet-fueled gnashing of teeth to spark fires worldwide.

So, True Detective, whatcha got for us?

(Please don't suck.)

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Voting no on Stephen Colbert

No thanks?
I don't disagree with Mark Evanier often, but he posted this today when talking about the inevitable post-Letterman CBS late night scene:
If I were CBS, I'd send a Brinks Truck to Stephen Colbert's house but I'm sure others will be discussed. 
Um ... to which Stephen Colbert is he referring? The faux-conservative Stephen Colbert? Or the other, "real" Stephen Colbert that only appears rarely? And if it's the latter, where is the evidence that a sizable late night audience would want to tune into him each and every night?

Not that I dislike Colbert: on the contrary, I think his show is terrific. When I see interviews with the actual human being named Stephen Colbert, I think: That guy seems decent. Still: it's not like his current show is preparing the audience for an hour of "not the funny, kinda dumb conservative character everyone enjoys laughing at." NBC -- and its audience, and the affiliates -- knew exactly what they were getting with the shift from Leno to Fallon. There would be too many questions for CBS with this scenario, I think.

Two other late night bits, real quick:

1) I find Seth Meyers personable, and will give him another chance. But I've been underwhelmed by what I've caught of his show so far. I'm not worried, though: I think the folks behind that show can fix it as fast as they need to (which, given its time slot, is probably a fair amount of time).

2) Letterman continues to phone it in. There's a longer post in this, but I just need to say it again: I really wish this guy knew when to leave when the leavin' was good. But then, I'm not pulling in seven figures a year for doing something I could -- and do -- sleep through.