Saturday, March 8, 2014

Voting no on Stephen Colbert

No thanks?
I don't disagree with Mark Evanier often, but he posted this today when talking about the inevitable post-Letterman CBS late night scene:
If I were CBS, I'd send a Brinks Truck to Stephen Colbert's house but I'm sure others will be discussed. 
Um ... to which Stephen Colbert is he referring? The faux-conservative Stephen Colbert? Or the other, "real" Stephen Colbert that only appears rarely? And if it's the latter, where is the evidence that a sizable late night audience would want to tune into him each and every night?

Not that I dislike Colbert: on the contrary, I think his show is terrific. When I see interviews with the actual human being named Stephen Colbert, I think: That guy seems decent. Still: it's not like his current show is preparing the audience for an hour of "not the funny, kinda dumb conservative character everyone enjoys laughing at." NBC -- and its audience, and the affiliates -- knew exactly what they were getting with the shift from Leno to Fallon. There would be too many questions for CBS with this scenario, I think.

Two other late night bits, real quick:

1) I find Seth Meyers personable, and will give him another chance. But I've been underwhelmed by what I've caught of his show so far. I'm not worried, though: I think the folks behind that show can fix it as fast as they need to (which, given its time slot, is probably a fair amount of time).

2) Letterman continues to phone it in. There's a longer post in this, but I just need to say it again: I really wish this guy knew when to leave when the leavin' was good. But then, I'm not pulling in seven figures a year for doing something I could -- and do -- sleep through.