Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Good news, everybody ...

"Upon which show's legacy shall I shat next?"
Catherine Tate, who plays Nellie in The Office, will apparently be sticking around for a bit longer. This is distressing news for those of us holding out hope that this program will see one final return to glory before ending its once-exemplary run.

Nellie had the opportunity to be a perfect foil for the show's eighth-season "Florida" storyline, but overstayed her welcome* in what turned into just an absolute car wreck of a storyline that featured one utterly implausible turn after another, even for a sitcom. Sad, considering that the show once presented some genuinely poignant slice-of-life moments.

I'll admit that I cannot speak as authoritatively as I'd like on the matter, because I stopped watching the show. Ten minutes of Nellie is just about my limit.

Of course, Tate isn't helped by truly dreadful writing. (We won't even get into Andy Bernard's "performance issues" episode.) To that end, please check out some The Office fan fiction, which I am fairly certain is better than much of the last quarter of last season. And, no, that isn't a joke. I genuinely believe there's better writing at that link than on this program.

Too bad. There's a lot of good TV out there, but it's still a bummer to watch a show spiral southward like this.

* Kinda like herpes.