Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Globe trotted out

Far too much has been made of Ricky Gervais' performance at the Golden Globes this year. This Warming Glow post presents every Gervais joke from the evening, and it's relatively tame stuff. Frankly, I think he took the easy way out on a couple of those: gay jokes about Tom Cruise & John Travolta and drug jokes about Robert Downey, Jr. are about as fresh as my socks after a five-mile run.

Gervais has already said he won't be back. That's too bad: I generally like his material and his presence alone compelled me to watch.

Two things:

The shots back at him from guys like Downey, Hanks and Allen were pre-planned. Had to be. No one "wings it" that cleverly and succinctly at these award shows.

I thought the bit about the titles of Robert Downey, Jr. movies sounding like porn films was hilarious. He missed The Pick-Up Artist, One Night Stand and Good Night, and Good Luck. And there are a couple more, if we're really going to stretch.