Friday, February 5, 2010

The Top 5 Gina McKee Movies

I've been a fan of Gina McKee's since I saw her in Wonderland. Terrific actress, with an unquestionable presence that helps her command attention whenever she's onscreen.

She's not in anywhere near enough movies, but seems to work regularly. I watched In the Loop a few days ago and was happy to see she was in it. Nowhere near enough, but some Gina is better than no Gina.

The top five Gina McKee movies:
  1. Wonderland (other reasons to watch: typically fantastic Michael Winterbottom directing and the always reliable Shirley Henderson)
  2. Notting Hill (other reasons to watch it: a fantastic cast and darn good soundtrack)
  3. Croupier (other reasons to watch: it's a clever crime story and it stars Clive Owen)
  4. In the Loop (other reasons to watch it: Peter Capaldi's ludicrously foul-mouthed lead role and the reappearance of Anna Chlumsky)
  5. MirrorMask (other reasons to watch it: Neil Gaiman story, compelling effects)