Thursday, September 3, 2009

Online newspaper design done right

Want to see terrific Web design for an online newspaper? Check out the website for the Los Angeles Times. Three reasons I like this:
  1. Clear navigation, both at the top and throughout the page
  2. Modest integration of ads
  3. Nicely delineated sections (Health, Sports, Most Viewed, etc.)
Take a look:

Most newspaper websites look like an ad rep vomited on them, the result of bean counters trying to eke out enough advertising dollars to justify the expenditures related to providing so much free content. The ad placement here is so modest, in fact, that I wonder if this redesign is a precursor to a pay website strategy. Can the Times be making enough off the (relatively) few ads on its pages to continue like this? (Granted, their page visits are undoubtedly enormous, but big enough to warrant pricey ad buys?)

Regardless, I'm a fan.