Friday, July 31, 2009

Totally Spaced out

Like most Americans, I'd never heard of Simon Pegg, Nick Frost or Edgar Wright prior to seeing Shaun of the Dead. After falling in love with that film -- which apes its horror film roots as lovingly as Young Frankenstein does its -- I was fortunate enough to catch a few episodes of their first collaboration, Spaced, on BBC America.

That small Spaced exposure was enough to spur me to YouTube, where each episode had been lovingly posted by other fans but butchered to fit around that site's file size limit. (One episode, for example, could be separated into as many as four parts.)

Now, the TV show about the budding comic book artist and his frustrated writer roommate is available on

You owe it to yourself to check this show out. Brits being Brits, only 14 episodes were made over two seasons -- far less than the 44 episodes two seasons of an American sitcom usually generate -- but the trade-off is that each one is pretty darn good. All 14 episodes are online now at Hulu and I can recommend all of them, though the show really hit its stride in the second season.

No idea how long they'll be there, so don't delay.

Too lazy to click over? I'll save you some effort: